How I Wrote Hercufleas

So there’s this guy.

You might have seen him about.


 He’s been around for a while. Since 1938 in fact.

Over 70 years old, and he still hasn’t learned to put his underwear on right.

Super Gramps

I’m sorry for being mean to Superman. I can’t help it. He’s always annoyed me, you see.

And it isn’t the underwear thing.

It’s the fact he has





Seriously. There’s loads. It’s really annoying. I even tried writing a poem about how many there were.

So essentially, I wanted to write a superhero story about someone who didn’t always make the right choices. Someone who made mistakes. Who no one believed in. Who didn’t even believe in themselves.

And eventually, I came up with Hercufleas.

Hercufleas chillin'

A walking, talking unbeFLEAvable hero.

He’s no bigger than a raisin though.

Which means he even struggles to fight people’s bogeys.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 16.49.37

Hercufleas is available in the UK and the US!