When I was born, Dad wanted to name me after an imaginary white rabbit called Harvey.


Way to go, Pops.

Luckily, Mum is the boss of the house.

I’ve lived in lots of towns and places. Above a Joke Shop, in a basement with big and hungry spiders, in a house with a ghost (we called him Kevin). Right now, I lived by the sea in the town of Margate.

Margy Bargy

It ain’t always this grey.

I often get asked how old I am. Maybe I should start using Oil of Olay.

Let’s just say I’m:

Eiffel Tower

I really like reading books about tiny people (like the Minpins, the Borrowers, the Lilliputians and the Oompah-Loompahs). I like tiny people so much, I’ve written a book about one.

Sometimes I write true-life stories for magazines. The best story I’ve ever written had the headline: ‘MY DOG WAS KIDNAPPED BY THE TALIBAN!’

My agent is Becky Bagnell, you can find her here.

I like playing Kubb, which is also called Viking Chess. Here’s a picture of me playing it in the park.

 My publisher is Andersen Press, you can find them here.

The theatre company I am part of are here.

I like cooking, but I’m not very good at it (see picture below).

Once I saw this in the newspaper and I thought OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING IT’S REALLY HAPPENING IT’S ZOMBIES. I’ve read a book on zombie survival so I think I would make it.

I really like Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Tea is a great invention, because it is basically a meal that skips the main course and heads straight for dessert. This is the best Afternoon Tea I ever had. My wife Erin made the cakes, and I made the sandwiches.

I really like the silent films of Georges Méliès. Click on the sad moon below if you want to see one.

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