Writing by Jude Radley (Snow) and Isabel Meeke (review) of Trinity Catholic School, Leamington Spa

Trinity Catholic School is a place where all the teachers are known by their first names. So when you answer the register, you don’t say “Yes, Mr Turner”, you say “Yes, Olly.” It was pretty weird to hear that at first, but I soon got to really like it. The children at Trinity were amazing. They were at ease with who they were and they were so confident when expressing themselves. It was wonderful to see that. I met some of the writers at their creative writing group and it was incredible to listen to these children being so creative and dead cool and matter of fact about it. Isabel wrote a really lovely and perceptive review of The Snow Merchant, and Jude wrote something about snow inspired by my visit and then gave me the writing club’s pen. It says: ‘Only trouble is interesting.’ It’s on my desk right now.

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